My Story


My Journey began from a love for movement that evolved into a pursuit of a master’s degree in dance education.  There I discovered pilates and began my path as a fitness professional in NYC and LA over the next 15 years. Early on I had the opportunity to develop as a master trainer at Physique 57’s Barre studio in NYC. I then moved to LA and became a NASM certified personal trainer, specializing in injury recovery. Later, I added pre/post natal exercise, as well as nutrition coaching to my specialties.
Throughout this journey I am motivated by the positive impact I can have as a trainer on people’s lives. There are physical benefits like weight loss and improved health, but the emotional growth when clients achieve their goals is awe inspiring. This inspiration has evolved into my functional fitness and mindfulness program. This program combines multidisciplinary fitness training, mindfulness and nutrition coaching.

By strengthening bodies, shaping mindful positive
habits, & being a motivator for all people...

I Love My Purpose

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
NASM Nutrition Coach
Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist
Master Barre Instructor/Trainer
PMA Pilates Certified